With modern equipment for all levels, everyone can enjoy water ski at The Lake Water Sports Club, whether you are an amateur or a pro that wish to train in slalom and tricks. The school in cooperation with Arion Nautical Club, an official club authorized by the Hellenic Water Ski Federation, issues athletes official card granting you access in Panhellenic Games and events.


In recent years Wakeboard has become very popular amongst water-skiers.   New wider and more elegant planks make Wakeboard easier to learn and provide ground to practice more tricks! At The Lake Water Sports Club we can teach you all the tricks, jumps, grips, 180o & 360o twists and much more, and also prepare you to take part in our events.


If you are an adrenaline junkie, then you should try to ski barefoot! Start behind the bar and improve your technique on the cable! At higher speeds than skiing, try impressive Tricks, or Slalom under the guidance of our experienced Coaches.


For even more action, try the Plank, but without being tied to it! Wakeskate lets you trick and jump at slower speeds and enjoy amazing moments!


The Lake Water Sports Club undertakes one of the most exciting water sports, Windsurfing, which already has many friends and attracts more every day.
Windsurfing is a challenge for people of all ages, for a dynamic clash with the unique elements of nature, the air and water. If you want to feel completely free, Windsurfing is the best for you.
Lake “Heraion” offers the most suitable conditions for beginners and intermediate level trainees who want to try the sport.
The lessons are delivered individually or collectively with modern equipment.
Make the most of your experience, always under the guidance of an experienced trainer!

For further information: 6977603031.